Link to  SP2014 – ARCH 492 – Template  PDF of research paper template that we discussed on Thursday. I will email you the zipped folder with the file. Please fill in the correct footer information at the bottom of the paper. This information is in the master page of the indesign file.

SP2014 - ARCH 492 - Template



The first round of presentations will happen next week. ALL student presentations are due next Thursday (April 17th) at the beginning of class. Email me your presentation as a PDF or bring it to class on a flash-drive. The presentations are only worth 10 points of your total research grade. The bulk of the points will be due during finals weeks after all studio reviews. The following students will be presenting next week:

Katie / Tom / Brian / Beau / Matt / Jared

Presentation Criteria:

A. Five (5) slides, 8.5″ x 11″ landscape format.

B. The first slide must introduce your research project. Title and thesis statement.

C. Maximum of three (3) images per slide. Carefully consider how the images are composed on the 8.5″ x 11″ page. Use text very sparingly and make sure you do not turn text into a graphic.

D. In addition to the five (5) slides, you must include a citation page with all image sources.

Below is a slide from one of our seminar discussions about the AAMI Park Stadium in Melbourne, Australia. This slide was used to discuss the sequence of assembly and technology associated with this structure. I did not need to describe the images in very much detail because they clearly support the verbal presentation and argument I was making.




Next week we will have a reading discussion and individual conversations about each one of your research proposals.

Read ARCH 492 – READING 8 – Trumpbour – New Cathedrals Chapter 3

Read They Moved a Mountain to Build Dodger Stadium 

doger stadium

Dodger Stadium was filled to capacity, with an announced crowd of 55,912, and so was the parking lot for Game 3 of the 1963 World Series. Los Angeles beat the Yankees, 1-0, and swept the Series.


Due Thursday March 27th:

Read READING 7 – ARCH 492 – Moragas – Barcelona (pages 1-10)

Read the following articles and documents about the proposed Jack’s football stadium.

1.  Argus Leader Article

2. Rapid City Journal

3. SDSU BOR – 2011

Throughout the rest of the semester we will begin to combine the global discussions we have had with some of the local conditions surrounding stadium design. Be prepared to discuss the relationship among stadium design, media and the notion of “hosting” as a means of establishing urban identity. 



WEEK 10:

Pop-up exam # 2 (20-30 minutes). You will NOT be able to use your notes. The exam will consist of no more than five (5) short answer questions. The questions will cover lecture, reading and discussion materials from the first three weeks of class.

Please read READING 6 – ARCH 492 – Arup – Melbourne Park (Pages 1-24) and be prepared to discuss on Thursday (March. 20th). 


Below are the links to two (2) of the videos we watched during Topics last Thursday. During week 7 we discussed symbolism, technology, Nervi’s work and the emergence of the “equipped stadium” in 1960 Rome Olympics. These videos show the extension of the “equipped stadium” into an atmospheric dimension that is linked to the collective force assembled inside an urban stadium. Politics, technology, people and monument start to blend around a specific urban event.

VIDEO 1:  Fox Sports mediated transmission (Penarol vs Velez, Estadio Centenario, Montevideo, Uruguay)

VIDEO 2: Spectator mediated transmission  (Penarol vs Velez, Estadio Centenario, Montevideo, Uruguay)

Copa Libertadores de America 2011 | Pe–arol - Inter |


Estadio Centenario / Montevideo, Uruguay